How to maintain Sales & Inventory Records in a Bakery with Excel Template


If you are still in doubt of what the powerful tool called Microsoft Excel can do then you need to see these videos. If you operate a Bakery Business and you have been looking for a reliable way to manage and monitor your finished products. 

We have put together a four (4) part Video Tutorials to demonstrate how the template works and also how a user can use the Template in a Bakery. 

This Excel Template have been customized to perform the following task for a bakery:

1. Record the QTY of Finished Products (Bread) yet to be packaged.
2. Record the QTY of Finished products already packaged and ready for sale
3. Record the QTY of Packaged Finished Products sold to customers, transferred to another branch of received from another branch
4. Show Real Time Inventory Balances
5. Generate Automated Reports
6. Set up User Login
7. Manage Shift production and sales

Apart from the features listed above, this Template can be further customized to perform more tasks and can be tailored to meet your bakery specific operations. Reach out to us via the contact form here  and request for a demo file. 

See Playlist for all the videos

In Part 1 Video:

1. Introduction to the Bakery Book keeping model: 1:07
2. Using Document Numbers: 2:40

In Part 2 Video:

1.Security Warning: 0:29
2. Login: 1:28
3. Set Up: 3:45
4. Add a new Department: 5:39
5. Add a new Employee: 6:06
6. Create Admin Login: 7:45
7. Create Staff User Login: 8:10
8. Edit Admin Login: 9:26
9. Edit Staff User: 9:47
10. Understanding the Product Table: 10:55
11. Add New Product: 
12. Add a New Area of Coverage: 16:22
13. Add a New Branch: 17:10
14. Add a New Customer: 17:57
15. Edit Customer details: 19:00

In Part 3 Video:

1. Post opening Inventory balances: 0:35
2. Adjust error in Inventory balances: 2:12
3. Post Finished Products from Production Unit: 04:12
4. Post Packaged Finished Products received from Packaging Unit: 08:20
5. Post Packaged Finished Products received from other Branches: 09:33
6. Post Packaged Finished Products sent to other branches: 11:55
7. Post Sales to Customer Level 1 to 4: 13:13
8. Post Auction Sales: 17:15
9. Post Damaged Products: 19:27
10. Post Missing or Stolen Products: 20:38