How to manage Investors' Monthly ROI with Excel (VBA)

This Excel Template will be useful to you if you run an investment company where Investors deposit funds into your platform and you pay them monthly interest or Return on Investment (ROI) for a number of months before their Investment Maturity Date. You can perform the following tasks:
1. Create Account for every Investor: The Template assigns an automatic Investor ID to every Investor.
2. Create Account for every Referrals. If you run a commission based Referral system where you pay a percentage as commission to people who referred Investors to your platform.
3. Create and manage Multiple Investments for all Investors, track when there ROI is due for payment and reports on when you have completed payment for ROI on the Investment.
4. Record all ROI paid to an Investor, record all commission paid to a Referral and generate a report for all payments.
5. Track status and details of all Investments and Investors. This Template was customized for a client and we are happy to share with you. It is not listed on our Free Template page FREE TEMPLATES, however, if you need a demo template kindly make a request here CUSTOMIZE and type "Monthly ROI Tracker" in the filed for "Type of Template". There are 5 Videos that make up the tutorial on how to use this template. Check out the other part of the VIDEOS.

Part 1 Video: General Overview of the Template Part 2 Video: 1.Register a new Staff: 00:48 2. Set up Admin privileges: 02:50 3. Set up a new user: 03:01 4. View Login Log: 04:10 5. Create account for a Ref: 04:49 6. Update the bank list: 07:56 7. View Investors Details and Status: 08:45 8. Create Investors Account: 13:43 Part 3 Video: 1. Create new Investments: 01:03 2. View Investment Status & Details: 07:30 3. Record Payments: 14:42 Part 4 Video: 1. Generate ROI due on a daily basis: 02:28 2. Record payments of ROI made to Investors: 05:12 3. Refresh Investors' Details (Pivot Table) each time you record a new item: 07:09 4. View Refs' Status: 09:06 5. Record payments of Commissions paid to Refs: 11:09 Part 5 Video: 1. Filter the Pivot Table for Investment Details: 00:56 2. Close out the Investment Capital on all Investments that you have paid all the ROI: 03:17 3. Roll Over an Investment: 06:50 4. Top Up an Investment: 09:35 5. Generate the ROI due on a future date (Before the due date): 13:35 6 . View all Payments made on Investments: 15:53