Excel Online: How to Record Sales, Purchases & Manage Inventory using Excel Online

In this Video Tutorial, you will be learning how to use Excel Online to keep some basic Sales and Purchases data. The Template was designed using Excel Online powered by Microcosmic Office.

With this simple "All-In-One-Database-Template", you can maintain the following Databases;
1. Maintain Database for Product Category, Brand and Groups
2. Maintain Database for Product Names & Descriptions including their Selling Price, Average Price, Re Order Level, Current Level and Sizes.
3. Maintain Database for Customers and Suppliers. 4. Maintain Database for Sales 5. Maintain Database for Purchases 6. Sales, Purchases and Inventory Reports

With this Template, you can share the link with your Team and they can update the spreadsheets at the same time. You will see and manage whoever is editing the spreadsheet.
There are lots more you can do with Template if you request for a further customization. Your feedback will be appreciated. If you need a link to the demo of this Excel Online kindly visit FREE TEMPLATES PAGE and fill the form at the bottom of the page. In the box "Template Request" just type "Sales & Inventory Excel Online".

If you need a complete Customization of this Excel Online for any purpose then visit our CUSTOMIZATION PAGE and fill in your details. You will get a feedback from our team.

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