How to Calculate Personal Income Tax (PAYE) on Excel

This Video Tutorials explain the Computation of the Nigerian Personal Income Tax based on the Provisions of the Personal Income Tax as amended in 2011. The idea of this Video is to help Accountants and Employers explain to their Employees (Staff/Tax Payers) the basis of computing their Taxes and the rates applied in the computation.

This Video tutorial is on Personal Income Tax Calculation based on the Nigerian Personal Income Tax Act as amended in 2011. This Video will be useful to Accountants, Employers and Employees. The first 12 minutes of this video is enough for you to understand the Tax Computation. The rest of the Video explains how other deductions affects the tax to be paid.

In this Video, you will learn;

1. How PAYE is computed

2. The effect of Pension, National Housing Fund and Life Insurance on the Tax you pay

3. The reason why your Net Take home on a monthly basis is not the same with your Gross Salary.

So, instead of making constant case with the Accountant, Finance & Tax Managers, kindly go through this video clip and you will understand what they do to arrive at your Taxes. Also, this clip will check if they are over deducting from your Salary or if there are other illegal deductions been made from your Salary.

This video will save you a lot of stress and you can refer so many others to see it. Save yourself the stress of explanations and refer your employees and colleagues to see this video.

Download the illustrations Template here

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