Excel Training Series 101c: Working with Excel Table 1

Ensure you see the PART 1 and PART 2 of these Series by following these links FORMATTING CELLS for Part 1 and SORT & FILTERS for the Part 2.

This is a Video Tutorial on basic Excel Tips. This is the Part 3 of our Excel Training Series. Most of our Videos are on how to use our Excel Templates. But we have realized that some of our users can't use all the functions of our Templates and so we decided to explain some basic stuff on Excel to enable Users use our Templates and other Excel Templates better. 

Feel Free to ask any questions and be kind enough to LIKE this Video and also SHARE to your Colleagues and Associates. You will be surprised that a lot of people still find it difficult performing some basic, simple and routine tasks on Excel. Ensure that you see the entire Videos in this 101 Series.

When you are about to analyze a set of Data on Excel and the Raw Data has been exported from a Software or Data Base System into Excel, how do you organize the Data for easy sorting and analyzes? I know most of us will quickly create ALL BOARDERS around the Data Set and Call it a Table. 

After seeing this Part 3 Video you should be able to;

1. Create an Excel Table

2. Differentiate between using Boarders and Excel Table on a Data Set in terms of;

a. Calculations

b. Adding New Data

c. Filtering Data on Excel Table

d. The Importance of Using Excel Table in analyzing a data

The main objective of this series is to enable you analyze a data set efficiently on Excel. You can work along with us as we process in this Series. Get the Raw Data Excel File from TRAINING MATERIAL. Download this file and join us in the training. The Part 4 of this series is also on Excel Table.

Enjoy and Cheers!