Although the Name sounds Petty, it is one of the most used System in any Business. Cash are made available in the Office for Day-to-Day Transactions of the Business. 
Organization use different terms for Maintaining Cash kept for Office use. Some of the names are;
  • Office Cash Account
  • Main Cash Account
  • Petty Cash Account
  • Imprest Account
  • etc
No matter the name that is it called in your organization, it is the same cash that is used for business transactions. Some Organization maintains the MAIN CASH ACCOUNT and the PETTY CASH ACCOUNT.

The MAIN CASH ACCOUNT is used to make payments above a certain limit of Amounts. It is also used to receive Cash from Sales and Services that are not paid directly into the Bank Accounts by Customers.

The PETTY CASH ACCOUNT is used to maintain Office Cash transactions below a certain limit of Amounts. This is basically to manage Office Expenses (Telephones, Local Transportation, Printing & Stationery, Postage, etc). Most people use the IMPREST CASH SYSTEM to run the PETTY CASH ACCOUNT.

Are you having challenges managing your Day-To-Day Petty cash Transactions? This is a simple solution for you. This Template was designed for 45 Cost (Expense/Asset) Centers. Tell us what you think about it. Follow the Instructions on the Excel Sheets carefully in order to appreciate its functionality. This Templates was out together using Office 10 and 365. You may need to save to an older version of excel if you can’t open it on your system. Note that the Slicer on the Ledgers Sheet will not work on Excel Versions before 2010. Kindly fill the form below to suggest the type of Templates you are looking for. Also, you can also request for Full Version Customization of any Template on Excel. Download our petty-cash-system-template-1

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