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Fact Witness versus Expert Witness

Who is a FACT WITNESS(ES)? Who is an EXPERT WITNESS? What do you call the documents presented to the court by both parties to a case? What do you call the report that will be presented to the court by an independent Accounting Firm called in as a witness to a case? Have you ever been involved in a forensic audit or investigation? What if there is a case of fraud or irregularities in your organization and an audit or investigation have been commissioned. As an officer of the Organization, do you know you can be called upon to be a witness to the case? When there is a court case, the Accounts/Finance Department is usually the first to come under fire and also face possible suspensions and investigations. When called upon to be a witness, do you know that you can either be a Fact Witness or an Expert Witness? What is the differences?    1. WHO IS AN EXPERT WITNESS? The Opinion expressed by an expert witness is supposed to assist the court to resolve or decide the case. An expert witness c

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